Your Life is About Change

Sound dramatic?  Well, it is!  Not only are your eating habits going to change, think about it, your LIFE is going to change.  Your self esteem is going to go up.  Your motivation is going to increase and your waist is going to shrink. 

Sounds like a WIN, WIN, WIN proposition, right?  Well, it is.  You are going to move from a mental state of hopelessness to one of self-control and power.  You will begin to believe in your ability to take charge, and stop seeing yourself as a passive victim of your weight.


So, how are you going to do this you ask?  The first step is to believe you can become thin for life!

And, how are you going to do that, you say?  Well, you’ll be most likely able to do that by not going it alone and you’ve already started by coming here.  Most people who have lost weight and kept it off have turned to others for support; some on a regular basis, and others as needed, somewhere along their journey.  Weight control experts have determined that support from family, friends and maintenance support groups is associated with long term weight loss.

You can get individual support through counseling with a registered dietitian or psychologist, a weight loss program, a friend, a spouse, a relative or you can get it right HERE

The reason I started this blog is not only as a support system to give you assurance that you’re not alone, but to provide a place to exchange ideas.  It can also help with getting your problems in perspective and hopefully heighten your accountability to yourself. 

Some people need more support in the beginning while others need reinforcement for a longer period of time, maybe even forever.

What’s important is that you recognize that your need or desire for support is a sign of strength, not weakness.  Each time you feel discouraged remind yourself of at least one positive image or goal you have set.  Write this in your journal or add it to your collage!

When things get tough, focus on what you CAN have rather than on deprivation.  And, fortunately on the 17 Day Diet the “CAN” list is pretty long!  (Maybe you can add photos or pictures of your 17 Day Diet “CAN HAVE” foods to your collage!)

As W.C. Fields said, “I can resist anything except temptation!”

Oh and by the way, an upcoming blog entry is going to be about having a PERFECT DAY!  I’m going to ask everybody on the blog to make a goal of having ONE PERFECT 17 DAY DIET DAY with no cheating-eating!  You can sign up here or on Facebook!  More to come….



The Long Haul

I was a personal trainer in Malibu for 10 years and looked pretty darn good if I may say so myself. I worked out 2 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week.  I mean who wouldn’t look great, right?  The photo above was taken at my brothers wedding in Beverly Hills, July 1994.  Looking back I think I looked good.  No, in fact to be honest I think I looked GREAT.  But you know what?  At the time I didn’t appreciate it.  All I did then was worry about my weight.  All I do now is worry about my weight.  Today, right now I weigh 50 lbs more than in that photo. 

 I did pretty good with my weight until unfortunately a few years ago I was injured during an attempted robbery and suddenly had to stop working out.  I suffered several physical injuries and eventually became seriously depressed and pretty agoraphobic.  “Suddenly” (well, it seemed suddenly at the time) I gained 30 pounds.  Then another 10.  Then another.  And another.  Before I knew it my weight, which had been around 135 for 15 years, was 190 pounds.  Huh?  What?  Almost 200 lbs?  I didn’t even think it was possible but trust me, it was.  And is!

What’s weird is looking back I see that when I weighed 135 pounds I looked great but at the time I never thought I looked great!  I look back at photos and think WOW, Holy Moly GIRL, you looked terrific but at the time I was never satisfied.  I was never thin enough or toned enough.  I don’t know if it’s because I lived in Malibu where everybody looked great and I had people like Debra Winger, Pat Benatar and Cher in my exercise class or if it’s just a self esteem thing.

I think it’s because I tend to approach weight loss from a position of “pain.”  I constantly nag and berate myself and expect nothing less than perfection, no matter how much progress is made.  Armed with guilt, doubt and shame I’m always reminding myself of how much I need to lose instead of how much I’ve lost. It’s never about how well I did something it’s always about how I fell short.  Sound familiar?  To people used to beating themselves up, it may seem like a great way to get motivated but think about it;  if you attempted to motivated a child like this how well do you think the results would be?  How successful would they be?

So in addition to the 17 Day Diet I’m going to try to do it differently this time.  I’m going to try to approach my goals from a position of “possibilities” instead.  Are there regular rewards NOT INCLUDING FOOD you can use to pat yourself on the back?  Instead of focusing on what you didn’t do or are doing wrong, can you pay attention to what you did or are doing right?  While brutal honesty is sometimes good to get your butt moving we need sustained motivation, right? 

We need support for the long haul!

The difficulty for me is finding rewards that don’t involve food and in this economy aren’t costing an arm and a leg (Although wait just a minute, if it cost an arm and a leg wouldn’t that mean I’d actually weigh one arm and one leg less???….Oh, okay, never mind!)