You’ve Got To Have a Plan

I guess it’s time to start thinking about  getting through the holidays.

Look, I think it’s completely up to you to decide if you want to tell people you’re on a diet.  Only you know if you’ll be around the type of people who will support you or the type of people who, if you don’t sabotage yourself, will gladly do it for you!  And, don’t get me wrong. Some of the best saboteurs are the ones who love you the most! Yes, they will love the fat right past your lips and onto your hips.

The important thing for you to do, regardless of what your decisions are going to be, is to think about them in advance.  Have a plan.

Maybe your plan is not to lose weight but to maintain.  That’s okay.  Maintaining your current weight is an achievement when there’s dip and candy and pie seemingly falling from the sky.  Maybe you’re going on a cruise and your plan is to ONLY gain 5 pounds.  That’s okay too.

It’s important to have a plan.  You should have a plan.  YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN!

You may want to include things in your plan like trying to eat slowly.  See if you can be the last person to have food left of their plate – of the first serving of course!

You definitely shouldn’t allow yourself to get too hungry.  Take a bite of things or small portions so you’re not feeling deprived.  I know you’re worried that if you pass up that special dessert mom makes only once a year you’ll crave it and dream about it for the next 364 days so have some of it!  Maybe your plan can include having “three bites of everything!”  That’s okay too.

Remember, God willing, this will not be the last pumpkin pie you ever eat.  You don’t need to eat a huge piece.  If you MUST have some have a bite, cut a tiny sliver.  Don’t let other people serve you if you can help it. Do it yourself.  Don’t let them decide what a portion is.  YOU know what a portion is!  We all do.  We’re diet experts, right?

If the festivities are on your turf make sure your grocery list includes a vegetable tray and DUMP THE RANCH DRESSING.  Throw it away.  It’s poison. 

Eat celery and carrots, drink water and green tea all day long!  It will keep you full so even if you do slip there won’t be room for too much.

Up the exercise.  The day before, the day of and the day after.  Even an extra 10 minutes is something although you’d be my hero if you up it 30 minutes or more.

EAT APPLES.  Apples are great. They are good for you. They come in all different colors and flavors. You can have hard ones, soft ones, sweet ones, sour ones. (Unfortunately my favorite, “Pippin’s”, are almost impossible to find but I find the “Jazz” are pretty good). 

Apples are also filling.  If you’re in the 1st Cycle of the 17 Day Diet you shouldn’t eat apples all day long but right now if a couple of apples on a holiday keep you from eating an entire cheesecake then the trade-off is pretty good, right?

 If you eat an apple and drink a glass of water before a meal you will not be able to overeat.  I guarantee it!  It’s almost impossible.

 AND, my personal, number one, best tip for not gaining weight over the holidays!?!?!?


Honestly, I think elastic waists and stretch materials are extremely dangerous and very hazardous to your health and to your new lifestyle. Elastic waists should come with warning labels “DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD!”

In fact, do yourself a favor and eliminate as many elastic waists from your wardrobe as as fast as you can.  No good can come from them.  Trust me on this one.  You’ll be better off wearing something that “reminds” you, even though uncomfortably, you’re full.  You’ve had enough.

Most importantly before you get into a situation where you might over eat, yep, that’s right, you got it, make a plan.  Think of it as a map you want to follow into this new territory.  Maybe your plan includes some extra calories. That’s okay.  If you’ve prepared for that you’re much less likely to get depressed and beat yourself up afterwards and much more likely to get right back on track.

We’ll talk more about this in the upcoming week.

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